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Route4Me is the most used route optimization software in the world. We’ve spent over 2 million hours building our platform. We know more about route planning than anyone.

You have assets that move around - but they’re not always moving around efficiently. Without optimized routes, you’re spending more on every operating expense than necessary, and you’re probably hiring more drivers than necessary as well.

Let’s say you have a fleet of 50 full-time drivers that you pay $10/hour. That rate seems low, but the cost of this whole fleet adds up to over $1 million per year. After you adopt Route4Me, your employees and subcontractors will become so much more efficient that you might be able to use just 40 drivers to do the same amount of work that 50 drivers were doing. Removing 10 drivers from your payroll in this scenario would save you $200,000 per year.

That’s the kind of impact Route4Me often has on an organization. We’ve helped both small businesses and large companies increase their profits, cut expenses, detect fraud, improve safety, find the perfect place for their new or replacement depots/distribution centers, and much more.

Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them. Our professional consulting services can be as easy as looking over your data remotely and showing you where you can make improvements, or as involved as coming to your location to analyze and train your team in person. We can even develop a custom routing algorithm that will give you a huge advantage over your competitors. Just let us know what you need.

Managed Operational Optimization

Route optimization software gives you important snapshots of your business operations

Businesses with mobile-workforces have huge operating expenses because of costly equipment, insurance, breakdowns, and other unexpected expenses.

Maximum business savings for companies with many field-staff members come from across-the-board optimization and synchronization.

Optimization4Me is an automated analysis and optimization solution which audits many types of datasets simultaneously to detect patterns in your business.

Once these patterns are detected, the Optimization4Me analyzer creates actionable intelligence, and suggests where your business might improve by outlining the steps necessary to deploy these suggestions.

Examples of data types that can be incorporated into our machine learning platform are:

  • Real-time and historical GPS telematics data
  • Timestamps of address arrival, visits, deliveries, etc
  • Scan times and chain of custody records
  • Routes and purchase orders
  • Locations of depots
  • Locations of customers
  • Locations of stolen inventory

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