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Customer Email Alerting and Notifications - Geofence Entered

Route4Me Automatically Sends Customers an E-Mail Alert When Your Team Member Arrives at Their Location

Planning the most cost-effective and time-efficient routes with Route4Me is as easy as uploading your addresses in any preferred format into the system and getting the desired results in less than a minute. In addition to using Route4Me’s GPS tracking and geofencing technologies for monitoring the performance of your drivers, you can also use them for automating your customer alerting and notifications.

Real-Time Alerts & E-Mail Notifications Using GPS Data


Geofences are custom-drawn virtual perimeters that are set up around physical locations for various tracking purposes. In addition to identifying route deviations and increasing the security of your routing operations, you can use Route4Me’s geofencing technology for automating your customer alerting process.

With the Geofence Entered alerting component, a customized email alert is automatically sent to the given customer when your team member enters the geofence area set around this customer’s route destination. Notifying your customers that your team member has arrived will give them a heads up to prepare for a visit from your team and leave them more satisfied with your services.

Customer Alerting and Notifications

To keep your customers more engaged and well-informed, you can configure and send action-triggered email notifications with automatically attached order numbers, tracking URLs, visitation time windows, dynamic ETAs, and other order details. Depending on your unique business needs, you can use various email templates to change the visuals of your notifications. In addition to that, Route4Me's Self-Service Customer Portal will help you save thousands of hours of support time and expensive team resources by allowing your customers to track and trace their orders online.

Route4Me also offers customer alert components for the following triggers: