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Customer Email Alerting and Notifications - Geofence Left

Route4Me Automatically Sends Customers an E-Mail Alert When Your Team Member Leaves Their Location

In addition to planning and optimizing the most efficient and cost-effective routes, Route4Me also provides various telematics tracking solutions designed to raise the productivity and security of your business. The combination of Route4Me’s near real-time tracking and geofencing technologies will allow you to automate a lot of processes within your infrastructure and business environment.

Real-Time Alerts & E-Mail Notifications Using GPS Data


Geofences are configurable virtual perimeters set around real-world physical locations for various tracking purposes. Route4Me uses geofencing technologies for automating vehicle and asset tracking, generating security timestamps, triggering automated alerts and notifications, and more. Route4Me's Geofence Left component will allow you to send automatic email notifications to your customers when your team members depart from the geofences set around their stops.

Sending automated notifications upon leaving customers' locations will increase the security of your operations, improve the transparency between you and your customers, allow you to maintain a trustworthy reputation, and leave your customers more satisfied.

Customer Alerting and Notifications

To improve the experience of your customers and make your job easier, your action-triggered email notifications can contain automatically attached tracking URLs, order IDs, dynamic ETAs, arrival time windows, and other order details. Depending on the particular requirements of your unique business, you can use white-labeled email templates and adapt them to represent your company brand. Moreover, Route4Me's Self-Service Customer Portal will help you save thousands of hours of team time and expensive company resources by permitting your customers to track and trace their orders online in near real-time.

Route4Me also offers customer alert components for the following triggers: