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Food & Beverage

Eat Your Competition for Breakfast

Delivering some items is more difficult than delivering others. For example, delivering pillows is relatively low-stress. You want to get to the customer on time to maintain your reputation, of course. But even if you’re late, the product will be fine.

Delivering food is much more challenging. In that case, when you’re trying to arrive on time, there’s more at stake than just keeping your word. The quality of the product you’re providing to your customer is time-sensitive. If you’re delivering a hot meal, you need to get it to its destination before it gets cold.

Also, food spoils. If you’re just delivering a meal from a restaurant to a house that’s a couple miles away, then maybe you don’t need to worry about spoilage. But the food delivery industry is broader than that. Some companies are transporting food across hundreds of miles.

In these long haul food deliveries, you do need to worry about spoilage. You must avoid delays on the road to ensure that your deliveries are made when the food is still fresh.

Route4Me allows you to avoid such delays. Our route optimization software evaluates billions of scenarios in order to show you the most efficient way to plan your routes. It’s not just about good directions - Route4Me helps you avoid traffic jams, construction detours, and other obstacles. It shows your delivery drivers what they need to do to show up on time, every time.

No matter how far you’re traveling, Route4Me gives you the ability to visit your destinations more efficiently.