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Armored Truck Transport

Armored Truck Transport

Transparency is important in the armored truck transport industry. Your customers are trusting you with very valuable items. They need to know that you deserve their trust.

Route4Me gives your customers every reason to trust you. It allows them to see for themselves where your armored truck is as their items are being transported.

Our route planning software integrates with all of the top telematics brands, but you don’t even need telematic devices to use Route4Me to track your team. All you need to do is instruct your armored truck drivers to install our app. Then, their mobile devices will act as homing beacons that show you where they are and how fast they’re going in real-time. That way, you can make sure they’re sticking to their routes and staying on schedule.

It’s easy to share this tracking data with your customers. Every route planned with Route4Me has a unique tracking link. When you send this link to a customer, they’ll be able to plug it into our online customer portal and see the real-time location of your armored truck displayed on a map.

Route4Me is good for your bottom line, too. Our route optimization engine reduces travel time by 20% to 30%, which means it reduces your fuel expenses by 20% to 30%. It reduces the amount of time it takes to plan routes by 90% as well, which means you can give more attention to other areas of your business.