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Home Health

Home Health

In the home health industry, it’s incredibly important to protect patient information. You can be fined as much as $50,000 for a single HIPAA violation.

Information is encrypted in transit and at rest with Route4Me. We’ll help you stay HIPAA-compliant and avoid those huge fines.

Route4Me will increase efficiency in your home health organization as well. Route planning is complicated. There’s more to it than just directions - you also need to consider traffic, weather, construction, customer availability, and many other factors. When you plan routes by yourself, this can take hours.

Also, when you plan routes by yourself, you might make mistakes. Such mistakes can delay your drivers, and your patients depend on you to show up on time to give them the care they need.

With Route4Me, you can plan your routes in less than a minute. Our powerful route optimization engine accounts for all of the factors involved in route planning for you. You just need to plug in the addresses you want to visit, set the constraints, and then you’re good to go. And our platform will provide you with more efficient routes, so your field employees will have everything they need to show up on time to each of their stops.