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Operational Gamification

Payroll is surely one of your biggest expenses, if not your biggest expense.

What kind of return are you getting on that investment? Do your people go above and beyond what’s expected of them, or do they just do the bare minimum that they need to do to get paid?

Operational gamification allows you to get more value out of your payroll dollars. By setting measurable goals, tracking progress, and rewarding exceptional performance, you can motivate your people to work harder for you.

Route4Me makes gamification possible. You can use our platform to track everything that your people do while they’re on the road. You’ll be able to see how many stops each person makes. You’ll know how often each person shows up to their stops on time and how often each person shows up late. When you hold contests for gift cards, a promotion, or some other prize, you’ll know who deserves to win.

Gamification helps everyone. All of your people benefit from a more stimulating work experience, and you benefit from an across-the-board increase in productivity. It’s a true win-win.